Baby sleep bags are the simplest and safest way to put your baby to sleep.

   Baby Sleeping bags are also known as wearable blankets or sleep sacks not only ensure your child is the correct temperature at night, but they have another significant benefit – reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS.


Why Baby Sleeping Bags Can Help Prevent SIDS:

The key benefit of a sleeping bag is that it keeps a baby’s head uncovered.

Baby sleeping bags are effective because they:

-Prevent a baby’s legs from dangling out between cot rails and getting caught
-Lessen the likelihood that baby’s will roll on to their tummy
-Stops a baby’s head from being covered by loose blankets in the cot
-Ensure babies stay warm at night



   As well as using a baby sleeping bag, parents could reduce the risk of SIDS by sleeping their baby on their back, having a smoke-free environment, sleeping their baby on their own for the first six months.


   Since the introduction of the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping campaign, much has been done to reduce the number of babies dying from SIDS.


   Figures show that Australia’s SIDS rate has decline by a massive 85% since the introduction of the Safe Sleeping Campaign. To give an example of the difference the SIDS and Kids Safe Sleeping campaign has made, figures show that 500 babies died in 1989 and in 2010, this figure was reduced to 81.


   Safe sleeping recommendations are essential to know for anyone who cares or works with babies and infants.

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