Keep Your Child Safe at Sleepy Time: Buy Sleep Sacks for Infants, Babies or Toddlers at Plum Australia

One of the most difficult things about being the parent of a newborn baby is getting your child to sleep. On the one hand, you want your baby to sleep soundly so that you can get sleep at night. If your baby is restless and wakeful, then you will miss out on sleep too. On the other hand, you want to ensure the sleeping safety of your infant.

By purchasing the right infant sleep sacks for your child, you can enhance both their safety and their comfort. You can improve the chances that your baby will sleep soundly while also decreasing their vulnerability to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and other sleep-related dangers.

Try the Plum Pod

If you are looking for the best baby sleep sack for your infant, look no further than the Plum Pod. We developed this product at Plum Australia with the specific goal of maximising sleeping comfort and safety for infants.

On the comfort side of the equation, our Plum Pod sleep sacks for babies are made of a stretchy bamboo material. The bamboo is more breathable than most other fabrics, which helps them to absorb and evaporate moisture. The result is that your infant stays cooler and more comfortable during the night, which means less tossing and turning and more sleeping. If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night to the pleasant sounds of your baby's shrieks, then the Plum Pod might be precisely the solution you need.

The Plum Pod is also safer than other infant sleep sacks on the market, as well as traditional blanket swaddling methods. We designed the Plum Pod in part to keep babies on their backs during sleep. Most doctors agree that babies are less likely to succumb to SIDS if they sleep on their backs. When babies sleep on their sides or stomachs (or roll over into these positions in the middle of the night due to a poor swaddle), they tend to have more difficulty breathing. Everything from blankets to sheets to mattresses to stuffed animals can cover a baby's mouth and nose and keep them from getting sufficient airflow.

When you use the Plum Pod as your infant or toddler sleep sack, your child is more likely to stay in a proper swaddle position. As such, your baby will stay on his or her back throughout the night, keeping his or her mouth and nose unobstructed. The Plum Pod, in other words, fights SIDS by keeping your baby in the optimal position for breathing during sleep.

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