Buy unisex baby sleeping bags online for a safe and cosy sleep

You’ve decided to wait until your baby is born to know its gender. It feels special to you to let this be a surprise. However, you don’t want this decision to stop you from purchasing the items your baby will need.

You have decided on yellow and white for the nursery and accessories. That will be a lovely colour theme for a boy or a girl.

You also decided to buy unisex baby sleeping bags online from Plum Australia. You want your baby to feel the comfort of being nestled into a sleep bag.

Plum Australia has been designing safe and comfortable sleep bags and other baby wear for three generations. Our sleep bags have been tested and approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1249:2003 and British Safety Standard 8510:2009.

Your baby will look absolutely adorable while feeling rested and secure when you buy unisex baby sleeping bags online. The sleep bag’s aesthetic is only matched by how healthy it is for your baby. We have partnered with Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids Sleeping Safely), who also endorse our product. Our mission is to provide the cosiest sleep bag available while aligning ourselves with evidence-based research that tells parents how to keep babies safe from sleep ailments to include SIDS.

You excitedly anticipate the arrival of your baby. Not knowing the gender makes the birth that much more thrilling. You want everything else to be in order – no surprises. When you buy unisex baby sleeping bags online you know your baby will be far more rested than had you settled on different sleep clothes and accessories.

You will both sleep more securely when your baby sleeps in a cosy, safe unisex sleep bag.

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