When you buy muslin sleeping bags online you have a peace-of-mind-kind-of-style

When you decided to buy a muslin sleeping bag online you had no idea just how adorable it would be! You bought the Plum Australia sleep bag for safety first, but you just can’t get over how cute and soft it is, too!

Your baby can sleep, even sit and simply be happy in the adorable bag. It’s a cinch to use, with a front zipper opening and no bells and whistles – just plenty of healthy, silky material you know your baby loves.

When you buy muslin sleeping bags online you can choose between unisex and more feminine or boyish patterns. The prints are fun, stylish and happy. The real treat is in the design. The material quickly absorbs moisture so your baby is safe from becoming too damp. Because the material is born from bamboo rather than a tree, these fast growing grasses are never treated with pesticides. This means only the safest and healthiest material is against your treasure’s soft skin.

At Plum Australia, we think like parents because we are parents. When you buy muslin sleeping bags online you purchase something we use, too! We considered real life situations with your baby in all our designs. It’s the little things like a double-ended zipper, so at diaper time you don’t have to remove the pod. A safety tab over the zipper protects baby’s chin.

Our goal is to ensure your baby’s sleep bag is comfortable and safe. Truly the only way parents feel relaxed is when they know that baby is ok. With a muslin sleep bag, rest assured your baby is safe and sound!

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