2.5 TOG

Buy a 2.5 tog sleeping bag online and keep your baby cosy and comfortable in cooler weather

One of the most difficult things to gauge with your baby is her temperature. During the day it’s a little easier because you are with her pretty much non-stop. If her little arms feel cool you put a sweater or blanket over her. If she seems too warm, you can un-layer her.

When the night comes, you’re a bundle of nerves, worrying about whether she will be comfortable. It’s not overreacting, either. You realise that in no small part her good health depends on it.

When you buy a 2.5 tog sleeping bag online from Plum Australia, you can stop worrying! Our designs are specified to actual room temperatures, so you can select a material that aligns with seasonal and other temperature conditions.

We have a wide selection of patterns and styles. You can choose from dozens of prints and three types – original, organic or bamboo. When the temperatures are cooler, choose a sleep bag formulated for room temperatures between 16-20° C.

Buy one of our bags and notice the difference in your child’s sleep comfort. Our specially designed bags uniquely swaddle your baby while ensuring that new standards of hip movability are enforced.

You want everything your baby breathes, eats, wears and uses to be healthy for her. You make sure that your child’s car seat and other safety tools are up to regulation. When you buy our 2.5 tog sleeping bag online rest assured that our philosophy aligns with your own when it comes to providing safety.

When you know that your baby is comfortable and safe, that worry is replaced with peace of mind. We want you to enjoy your baby and parenting. A sleep bag for your child is a step toward just that.

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