1.0 TOG

Buy a 1.0 tog sleeping bag online and everyone will sleep better tonight

Ever since you decided to buy a 1.0 tog sleeping bag online you have noticed your baby has a calmer and more stable sleep routine. Accordingly, you have noticed your own better sleep.

Your adorable Plum Australia sleeping bag is so pretty and fun. It’s hard to believe it also serves a great function. You look at her, lying there asleep swaddled in her sleeping bag and looking so peaceful. Of course, this makes you feel at peace, too.

Your baby is cuddled in a bamboo muslin bag. It’s so silky and soft. You had decided to buy a 1.0 tog sleeping bag online after your baby had undergone a series of fitful nights, tugging at her jammies and pulling her blankets away. You wanted to keep her more comfortably snuggled.

When you buy a 1.0 tog sleeping bag online, you choose from our original 100% cotton, organic or bamboo styles. Our mission is to provide security, safety and comfort for your most precious treasure, your baby.

Your bamboo sleeping bag has excellent moisture absorption and evaporation ability. This makes it especially comfortable in warmer weather. Because bamboo is a grass and grows rapidly, none of the material used has been exposed to harmful pesticides. This attention to safety is integral to your peace of mind and your baby’s health.

A bonus for parents is the lack of complication – you don’t have to fumble with gadgets or lots of strange clips or ties or snaps!

Your 1.0 tog bag is ideal for room temperatures between 20-23° C. With only light clothing underneath and no need for additional blankets your baby will sleep happily and healthily.

This means a happier, healthier family, too!

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