0.5 TOG

Buy a 0.5 tog sleeping bag online for your baby and you will both rest easy

This perfect, magical baby is your first child. You never thought it was possible to love anyone so much. You spend your nights feeding her, cuddling her and sometimes just staring at her precious face.

However, the last several nights with your newborn have been challenging. She has been extremely fussy with the warm weather. You want to keep her covered but sometimes she seems so hot. Leaving her exposed gives you anxiety - you can’t sleep, worrying she might catch a chill. Either way you choose to go – blankets or lesser coverage – she seems unhappy and uncomfortable.

It’s time to buy a 0.5 tog sleeping bag online for your angel. Plum Australia offers cosy and safe sleep bags designed to swaddle your child comfortably. Our soft, 100% cotton sleep bags provide a sense of security by nestling her without tangling her in uncomfortable bedding.

Buy a 0.5 tog sleeping bag online in original, organic or bamboo. Whatever look or texture you’re most comfortable with, know that all of our 0.5 tog sleep bags are designed specifically for warm weather. You can feel confident that you won’t overheat your newborn or underdress her for temperatures between 24-27° C.

Your newborn is your greatest treasure. You want her to feel secure and happy all the time. If you have to wonder if she’s uncomfortable then you’re not comfortable. When you buy a 0.5 tog sleep bag online, you will both feel very comfortable!

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