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Begin a healthy sleep routine now when you buy baby swaddles online

Your baby will be here any day! You are so excited.

You are also very organised and ready for the big day. You’ve completed your hospital checklist and feel extremely prepared. You have your bag packed with all the essentials – a diaper bag ready for baby, and even a tote full of reading material, gadgets and snacks for your husband.

When you buy baby swaddles online, you have decided on a vital safety and comfort element for your baby. It will be important to begin swaddling your baby in a sleep bag immediately. She will feel secure and cosy and the act of swaddling will become part of her sleep routine; and you will feel more at ease knowing that your baby is tucked into a soft, temperature appropriate, sustainable sleep bag.

Plum Australia’s sleep bag design aligns itself with standards set by the National Hip Dysplasia Organization. The top portion is fitted, which helps prevent baby from self-waking from their startle reflex, while the bottom is wider for leg flexibility. Recent research proves that while swaddling is “in” it must be altered to leave hips and legs capable of movement.

When you buy baby swaddles online, you can choose from several prints and styles. We also partner with Red Nose and share a mutual focus on health. Our sleep bag will keep your baby swaddled and likely to remain safely on her back throughout the night. Research shows that babies are likely to avoid sleep ailments in this position.

With your checklist complete, sit back and enjoy these last few nights of quiet. It may be awhile before you feel totally rested. Your decision to buy baby swaddles online is one step closer to everyone getting a good night’s sleep. Remember - if she is sleeping you will be sleeping too!

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