Buy the Right Infant Clothes for Your Newborn Baby; Shop Online at Plum Australia before the Due Date!

Many expecting couples will become absorbed in the process of shopping for their new babies. They will buy cribs and clothes and spend hours decorating a new nursery to make sure it is just right for when the newborn finally comes home. Before you start thinking about your baby's homecoming, though, it's important to think about what comes first: the birth itself.

Indeed, the very first things that you need to buy for your baby are the things that he or she is going to need before you even leave the hospital. At Plum Australia, we can help you find the right newborn baby clothes so that you are ready to dress your new child at the hospital and for the journey home.

What Baby Clothes Do You Need at the Hospital?

Shopping for infant baby clothes should be your top priority when shopping for your new baby. Beyond the car seat, a substantial quantity of nappies, wipes and body wash, you will also need to remember to bring an outfit or two for your baby when you go to the hospital. It can be difficult to remember these items when you are rushing to the hospital for a birth, so shopping early and having everything ready to go in a bag in the trunk of your car is a must.

So, what baby clothes do you need to have ready by the time you go to the hospital? You will want bodysuits, socks, mittens, a hat, a romper or two and a pair of booties. At Plum Australia, we have everything you need as far as infant baby clothes are concerned. You can shop with us to find and buy all your baby clothes online, keeping the process simple and easy.

Here are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to shopping for newborn baby clothes:

  • Buy and bring more than what you need: Generally, your baby will probably need two bodysuits a day at the hospital. The same goes for other garments. However, it’s a good idea to buy and pack a few extras. If you end up at the hospital for a day or two longer than expected, you want to have clean clothes for your newborn.
  • Be strategic with what you buy: You don’t know how big your baby is going to be, so buying bodysuits in a few different sizes is a good idea. If you don’t already know the sex of your baby, you might also want to buy a few different boy/girl outfit options—particularly for the cute ‘going home’ outfit.
  • Don’t forget the extras: Bodysuits and socks are easy to remember, but a bonnet is necessary to keep your newborn warm and relaxed when you leave the hospital. Mittens, meanwhile, can prevent your baby from scratching his or her face with sharp fingernails.

Get Help Choosing the Right Baby Clothes Online

If you are about to welcome your first child into the world, you might be feeling a bit unsure of what infant baby clothes to buy (or in what sizes). At Plum Australia, we love helping parents pick out the right garments and outfits for their children. Call us on 1300 981 653 if you need a helping hand.