Protect Your Baby from Hip Dysplasia with Newborn Infant and Toddler Sleeping Bags for Sale from Plum Australia

You just had your first child, and you are doing everything you can to help your baby girl or boy sleep through the night. You’ve read about the benefits of swaddling, from how it can help babies sleep longer and more soundly to how it can keep babies on their backs and reduce the chances of SIDS. But did you know that traditional swaddling techniques, as beneficial as they are, can also sometimes lead to hip dysplasia?

Mayo Clinic defines hip dysplasia as when the hip socket ‘doesn’t fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone.’ This misalignment or deformity leads to easy dislocation of the hip joint. And while Mayo Clinic notes that most people who have hip dysplasia are born with the condition, many others develop it in infancy.

The Dangers of a Tight Swaddle

There is compelling evidence to show that traditional swaddling techniques can contribute to the development of hip dysplasia. At Plum Australia, our Plum Pod newborn sleeping bag is designed to neutralise this risk, all by giving your infant a safer and more comfortable way to sleep.

The goal of swaddling is to prevent the startle reflex, where babies often wake themselves by spreading out their arms. By keeping the arms in place against the infant’s body, a good swaddle can eliminate the startle reflex, help babies sleep more soundly and reduce the likelihood of the infant rolling over onto his or her side/stomach.

There is nothing wrong with this part of the swaddling technique. On the contrary, our Plum Pod infant sleeping bags replicate this part of the swaddle. Things tend to go south when parents continue a tight swaddle all the way down the child's body. When in the womb, a baby is in the foetal position, with its legs bent and crossed. In a tight swaddle, the baby's legs are forced into a straight, uncrossed position. The baby’s body rejects this position because it does not seem natural after nine months spent in the foetal position. If you force your child’s legs into a straight, uncrossed position, you run the risk of loosening their hip joints and wearing away of the cartilage of the joints. Both issues can cause hip dysplasia.

Keeping Your Baby Safe with an Innovative Infant Sleeping Bag

The Plum Pod infant and toddler sleeping bags from Plum Australia are designed to keep a baby's upper body snugly swaddled. However, it does not create a tight swaddle around the lower body. The woven bottom half of the Plum Pod is wide and roomy, allowing the baby to bend its legs and hold them in a position that feels more natural. As a result, our newborn sleeping bags can protect your baby’s hips and save them a lifetime of complications due to hip dysplasia.

Are you interested in trying out the Plum Pod? You can find our baby sleeping bags for sale on the Plum Australia website. If you have any specific questions about the Plum Pod and its innovative design, feel free to give us a call on 1300 981 653.